2 - Silver Access

1 Month of Daily Access, 10 Video uploads

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2 - Silver Access
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Great News! Letalkeshoppe’s introductory month is free until March 1st 2015! Now at no cost you can create an account and experience the value and ease of connecting online... so everyone can connect locally and globally!  Once your video is processed and approved we will post it usually in one business day. It will be made available to other members so they can comment and connect with you on your interesting video monologue. Immediately after registering you will be able to comment and connect on others videos.

Personal perspectives about life (philosophy, art, music, science, history, social values and entertainment) can allow insights and benefits that can create a more fulfilling individual quality of life.

After you make a "Topic Connection" you can exchange emails, skype, phone... or meet and talk on topics. Please use your good judgement.

Our unique perspectives can be practical solutions in other people's lives.. but only when shared in a "social home center".

Some will share their thinking process that allows them to make it through each day and others can share social scientific solutions for humanity. Share well and be kind my friend.