Donna Summerville, Artist Testimonial

Donna Summerville, Artist “One of my favorite things about C.A.T. is…How totally relaxed I felt here! I was videotaped while talking...

published: Feb 12, 2015

Tony's testimonial

Center for art and talk has been a real eye opener.  The new way of looking at a conversation has me thinking and talking

published: Feb 11, 2015

Sheila Lawrence Testimonial

Sheila Lawrence, C.A.T. member “One of my favorite things about C.A.T. is…”I get to finish my thoughts. Interesting people. A...

published: Feb 9, 2015

Amazing Ann Klein Testimonial

Amazing Ann Klein, “Monologue, dialoging and particularly the music!I would recommend C.A.T. to anyone who is interested in meeting new...

published: Feb 8, 2015

Frank Hammer, Musician Testimonial

Frank Hammer, Musician “One of my favorite things about C.A.T. is…”The music…Gary Sula-Goff”!Another is: The...

published: Feb 6, 2015

Peter Parziale Testimonial

Peter Parziale, Teacher/avid backpacker “One of my favorite things about C.A.T. is…”It’s nice to have a venue where people...

published: Feb 3, 2015