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Want the world to hear your voice? Share your best ideas online, here at Le Talke Shoppe.

Now you can create an account and experience the value and ease of connecting online... so everyone can connect locally and globally!  Normally, people listen only to respond. Monologues allow people to listen to understand, promoting better understanding and relationships. Dialogues are created when viewers post comments and engage individual presenters, directly. 

Once your video is processed and approved, we will post it, usually in one business day. When others come to the site they can choose the "Topic" that you spoke on and your video...and leave comments and questions that you see...when you check back in. You can promote your business ideas or ask interesting questions...uninterrupted. You can also exchange emails. You can meet if you're local and share common interests! Learn more about people in 5 minutes than neighbors you've known for 20 years!

Le Talke Shoppe Online

Our brand new globally interactive website (Upload your monologue talk video) for Centre for Art and Talk allows you to build local and global connections based on " Talk Topics"!!

Keeping the conversation going is our key to create social good. Online is a perfect forum to allow people in different areas of the world to connect on similar ideas, goals, concepts and perspectives. For those who would love to connect with the conversation... you can post your video to the ONLINE VIDEO LOG (VLOG). Each video posted allows us a better understanding of perspectives that are happening on a more personal level in the world today. No politics, religion or professional sports.

Directly connect with people in the U.S. and around the world for the best ideas on different topics…

See " TOPIC" IDEAS list to decide what topic to use for crafting your video. Everyone deserves to be heard!


SILVER: 1 MONTH...10 VIDEOS..$12.99

GOLD: 6 MONTHS...30 VIDEOS...$59.99

PLATINUM: 1YEAR...75 VIDEOS...$99.99


Where To Start

  • 1. Watch sample videos below
  • 2. Choose a topic. No religion, politics or professional sports please (personal sports ok)
  • 3. EASILY Record your 3-5 minute video on your Laptop/PC.
  •  (Note:If using Smartphone, transfer file to laptop for upload)
  • 4. Click the "Upload Your Video" button choose your membership level and follow prompts to the shopping cart and upload your video.
  • 5. Connect with others! Sharing your favorite topics. All videos can be commented on (positive comments please) by other members for the purpose of social growth based on good our ideas!
  • Note: If Windows 7: Use web cam...Windows 8: Search for "video" (OR CLICK THE VIDEO TILE) to activate application for recording (click "Select Files" to upload from members/upload)


Here are a few "TOPIC" IDEAS:

How you learned about Art / Music

What's on your "Bucket List" ?

What or Who inspires you?

Best Summer Vacation

Dreams you had as a child

What is needed for a lasting relationship?

These are ideas...you can create your own "Topic"

How would you capture energy for sunlight?



Watch these sample videos for examples of how to create your own Monologue video.