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Social & Emotional Connectivity For Ages 15 & Older

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What We Offer

We offer environments both online or in a physical location where you can meet, listen and share ideas, and gain insight and communication skills on almost any topic that you find motivating, inspiring, or interesting. You also will promote area business by socially connecting with others. We employ moderators and facilitators to assist you in an empowering semi-structured enviroment. All guests are welcome and we encourage you to give yourself an opportunity to grow with us.

Email: venturaletalkeshoppe@gmail.com

All terms and conditions subject to change.

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Membership options:

Purchase online or at a Facilitated Talk Shop event:

  1. $28.00 6 Visits $33.00 Value
  2. $40.00 9 Visits $49.50 Value
  3. $80.00 20 Visits $110.00 Value
  4. Walk-ins $5.00/Visit

How it Works

Talk Shop Format:

  1. Please follow Facilitators directions
  2. Listen only...until your turn: In pre-school we learned our most valuable social skills…including cooperation.
  3. Topics are changeable from person to person…Familiar Ted Talks, books, movies, etc.
  4. Begin by saying “I am _______, this is my PERSPECTIVE and these are my THOUGHTS”
  5. First each person speaks (fast or slow) for a 2-5min Monologue (listeners can remember questions or take notes)
  6. Then we dialogue, where each person gets questions or comments from others.
  7. Allow sensitive monologues to pass with no response, respect personal boundaries…you can personally connect afterward.