About Us

Centre for Art and Talk / Le Talke Shoppe grew out of the idea that the happiest people have a good social emotional connection and flourish continually from childhood throughout their lives. The Implementation of new technologies has allowed a greater disconnection from physical relationships and human conversation. Our current social structure minimizes the convenience of building new friendships after our high school and college education/social centers have ended. People in the U.S. are then left as solitary individuals with little opportunity for meaningful social engagement. This has stunted our social responsibility as a whole, especially in comparison to older countries around the world. We want to open the door to the next level of social progress by leading the conversation in "physical centres" focused on art, music and talk via individually shared monologues in a stimulating art gallery/ concert settings. We are offering the experience of life... with love, creativity and compassion. We know our controllable futures lies in our relationships with each other. We are indeed all connected...only now (thanks to technology) can we talk as if we are. We can carefully combine our individual perceptions into our steadily evolving consciousness to enhance our world! Sign up below for membership! Please include preferred day/time (M-F 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm & 7pm (w/music) Weekend times available. Happy 2015! Membership Drive on now through Jan 15th.! 6 FREE ANYTIME VISITS!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a more socially aware community through sharing our best ideas. We have created a neutral forum where ideas will be heard without conflict through Le talke Shoppe online and the Centre for Art and Talk locations. Our Goal is to enhance and connect the local, national and global community with new ideas for individual development and quality of life through talking and really listening. We believe in the optimal utilization of intelligence/technology to serve future generations. We want to allow better human connections to be formed, without judgement or belittling comments. Let's take the next step in social progress together.


Firman Brown

CEO and Founder of Le Talke Shoppe Online and Centre for Art and Talk

Firman Brown, an avid researcher and modern philosopher is Founder and CEO of Le Talke Shoppe Online and Centre for Art & Talk. His background is 30 plus years in corporate telecom. He started with this simple vision….having a town center where people meet each /other on a daily basis to listen, talk and make personal and business connections...improving the quality of American life. His mission is to add a truly social dimension to our culture for us and our next generations.

Tony Cicero

VP of Operations for Le Talke Shoppe Online and Centre for Art and Talk

Tony Cicero, a true “Renniassance Man” as VP of Operations for Le Talke Shoppe Online (developement) and Centre for Art & Talk, brings several decades of Marketing/Business Development and Music/Arts experience to this unique new social business.